Message from General Secretary

Dear Esteemed Members and Supporters,

It is with immense pleasure and gratitude that I address you today as the General Secretary of the Chefs Association of Nepal. Since its inception in 1996, our association has been at the forefront of advocating for the rights and professional development of chefs and cooks across our beloved nation.

As General Secretary, I am deeply committed to advancing the goals and objectives of our association, ensuring that the voices of our members are heard and their needs are addressed. Together, we have forged a community of culinary professionals dedicated to excellence, innovation, and continuous learning.

Our association takes great pride in offering a diverse array of courses and training programs tailored to the needs of our members. From fundamental cooking techniques to specialized culinary disciplines, we strive to provide opportunities for skill enhancement and career advancement.

As we chart our course for the future, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to promoting the interests of Nepali culinary professionals. Together, we can overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and elevate the stature of our industry both nationally and globally.

I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you for your unwavering support and dedication to our cause. Together, let us continue to write the next chapter in the story of Nepali cuisine, guided by our shared passion and commitment to excellence.

With warm regards,

Padam Bahadur Aale Magar

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