Chefs association of Nepal was established in the year 1996 as the umbrella organization of Nepalese culinary Professionals across the country as a platform of sharing and building on the knowledge and skills of these professionals for the overall growth, diversification and sustainability of the industry.

Puspa Thapa Magar
   – Founder President 
puspa thapa magar

Mr. Puspa Thapa Magar, no need any first introduction, A man with great vision and plan for this Culinary Arts Sector, Spending Decade in hospitality services i.e different hotels, restuarants with having years of experince, he will start a journey for all cooks,chefs to safeguard their rights, skill development. after visit various countries and know that , in those countries they had various associations, societies for cook’s, chefs. at time of 2050 B.S. as become member of Swiss Cooking Society, Mr. Thapa also inspire to establish an Association, with help of friend circel whom worked at restaurant’s ,Catering’s, Cafe’s & Hotel’s Sectors, They start a Society called “Nepal Cook Pariwar” at B.S. 2053 Baishak 22th. Mr. Puspa Thapa Magar Lead this association for 12 years with team having Shree Krishna Lama, Mr. Khadga Bikram Lama, Mr. Tek Narayan Aryal, Mr. Dambar Bdr. Khattri, Mr. Arjun Bdr. Thapa, Mr. Lila Bdr. Karki, Mr. Ram Sharan Thapa, Mr. Hari Bdr. Rana.

With Vision, Proving best theoritical, partical knowlegde from one roof to needed people include work’s for member’s development and rights. Mr. Thapa is known as Founder President of this Association. Having Expertise in various cusine, he also start professional culinary arts training era for nepalese people who want to become cook, chefs as career of thier life. Mr. Puspa Thapa Magar is also known as ctevt curriculam developer for culinary arts vocational training and skill test including Food Examiner of NATTHAM.

Before officail start of Chefs Association of Nepal, Mr. Thapa team done every meetings on Ratna Park , After long hard work and vision to buy land and make own building for this association, they had working on this. 12 Years of Management, Mr. Thapa handover this assocaiation leading work for Jit Lama Pakhrin then handover Mr. Shree Krishna Lama with Agenda of Buy land and make Own Building.

Now Mr. Puspa Thapa magar is Life time member of this assocaitaion with role of advisory committee co-ordinater.

 Shree Krishna Lama
          -Ex. President

With Version ” A chef should be able to make decisions quickly and efficiently. The kitchen is a fast-paced environment, and a chef has to make numerous decisions at once. We should be able to:Handle Pressure, Problem Solve,Take Initiative which makes them a good chef.”

Mr. Shree Krishna Lama, with Having Expertise in various cusine, His official journey started with this Association from B.S. 2053 as Founder member. At year B.S. 2062, His tenure started as President of this Association. Mr. Lama already had agenda of buy own land and start construction of own building. Under his tuner from B.S. 2062- B.S.2064 1st mission Complete of buy Land Area 7 Aana 3 Pasia at Ranbari- Kathmandu. At B.S. 2062/06/08 Accoutning Report Closing System also started. Mr. Lama and team also decide to went in web technology, and they started www.chefsnepal.com. and later its change in to www.chefsnepal.com.np. Now this domain is digital indentity of Chefs Assocaition of Nepal. In his time, at first time for this association, open election system also applied and made election committe with lead By Mr. Puspa Thapa Magar. In this election Mr. Shree Krishna Lama is Elected with majority vote and extend his tenure for next years. At B.S. 2063/05/01 Officaily Chefs Association of Nepal had shifted in their Own 2 story Building. B.S. 2064 to B.S. 2066 Again in Mr. Shree Krishna Lama is selected as President. By Played vital role to completed his agenda with history to have own land and building, with team the association has played a vital role in making the tourism year successful in Nepal and in tourism development of Nepal, remembering that the organization’s bright future, success and role of the organization in the development of domestic and international tourism. I would like to wish recent committe to for successful year ahead.


Chefs association of Nepal was established in the year 1996 as the umbrella organization of Nepalese culinary Professionals 

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