president shyam lama’s vision

**"Rescuing from Extinction: Shielding Nepal's Chef Association from Dinosaur Status"**
**”Just like our country, where people from various cultures and languages unite, the Chef Association in Nepal reflects our strength in diversity.

**”Rescuing from Extinction: Shielding Nepal’s Chef Association from Dinosaur Status”**

Chef Sandeep K. C. (Khatri) “.

Chef Sandeep K. C. (Khatri) ".

Chef Sandeep K. C. (Khatri) “.

Foodologist, Culinologist, Food tech and Clinical Psychologist

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“Just like our country, where people from various cultures and languages unite, the Chef Association in Nepal reflects our strength in diversity. It’s like a mix of different flavors, coming together to create a unique story of togetherness in the world of cooking.”

Is the Chefs Association Working for You?


Since it started in 1996, the Chefs Association of Nepal has been on a big journey. They’re bringing chefs together, helping them learn, and making the food industry better. Let’s look back at their history, see what challenges they faced, and get inspired by the successful chefs in Sri Lanka. We’ll also hear from Chef Shyam Lama, the association’s current leader, and learn about their plans for the future.

History of Nepal Chef Association:

A person named Pushpa Thapa Magar started the association in 2053. It used to be called the “Nepal Cook Family” Society. For more than 12 years, Thapa Magar and leaders like Shri Krishna Lama worked hard to help chefs grow, fight for their rights, and build a place to learn cooking professionally.

Leadership and Achievements:

Under the leadership of Sri Krishna Lama, the association did some important things, like getting a good piece of land and moving to a special building. They also made sure the way they chose their leaders was fair, and they became visible on the internet at

Chef Shyam Lama’s Thoughts:

Chef Shyam Lama, the current leader, looks back at the journey and says the association needs to change with the times. He talks about using digital platforms, including everyone, and working with other countries to keep succeeding.

Challenges the Association Faces:

Even though they work hard, there are still challenges. Not many chefs are part of the association, and there aren’t many female chefs. Chef Shyam Lama says they also struggle with getting recognized and supported by the people who make important decisions.

Comparison with Sri Lankan Chefs Association:

When we look at the chefs in Sri Lanka, they have more than 5000 members and are known all around the world. They’re good at promoting their food globally and making sure people know about Sri Lankan flavors.

What Sri Lankan Chefs Did Right:

The Sri Lankan chefs became famous worldwide by being different. They introduced their flavors, ingredients, and cooking methods to the world, and people liked it.

Chef Shyam Lama’s Plans for the Future:

Chef Shyam Lama hopes the association will shine again like it did in the past. He wants it to be a great place for chefs and make sure everyone’s talents get noticed.

Exciting Plans for the Future:

1. International Nepali Chef Membership: Inviting chefs from around the world to join, make friends, and learn together.

2. Global Recipe Book Project: Making a book with recipes from chefs all over the world, showing how diverse the association is.

3. Skill Development Courses Across Nepal: Teaching chefs new skills in different parts of Nepal, so they can become better at cooking.

4. Culinary Odyssey: International Exchange Programme: Sending chefs to other countries to learn about different cooking styles and bring back new ideas.

5. Revolutionary Certification Processes: Making it easier and fairer for chefs to get certified, so everyone knows how good they are.

6. Culinary Innovation Hub: Creating a special place for chefs to try new things, work together, and come up with new and exciting recipes.

Chef Shyam Lama wants to hear your thoughts on these plans. You can share your ideas on their website or talk directly to him on social media. Your opinions matter, and the association promises to turn your suggestions into actions.

Let’s work together to make the Chefs Association of Nepal a lively, inclusive, and forward-thinking community. Your strong support is crucial for all of us to succeed on this amazing journey. Thanks for being part of it!

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president shyam lama’s vision

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