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Chefs association of Nepal was established in the year 1996 as the umbrella organization of Nepalese culinary Professionals across the country as a platform of sharing and building on the knowledge and skills of these professionals for the overall growth, diversification and sustainability of the industry. The association comprises of 1076 members who conform to diverse disciplines of tourism, hospitality and culinary. Nearly 500 members are now professionally engaged in different countries. Its executive committee has altogether 17 members, who are elected vide the Annual General Assembly which takes place every alternate year. The incumbent executive committee is headed by Mr. Govinda Narshingh K.C. The association’s office in Ranibari, Kathmandu is spread across an area of 7annas and 3 paisa (190.74sq meters) and is fully equipped both for the administrative and human resources development functions under its current scope operations. Whereas membership fee and renewal is the major sources of its income, it also generates funds through its training, consultancy and placement portfolios.

Goal Is to help provide a strong foundation to the Nepalese hospitality industry quality, efficiency and sufficiency .


  • To contribute to the overall the development and growth of tourism and hospitality industry in Nepal.
  • To bring in to light the everyday problem faced by Nepalese culinary professional – big and small and to explore solutions to the same in partnership wit the concerned agencies.
  • To help build a human resources inventory which is not only aware of the contemporary development in culinary but also the innovation in indigenous gastronomy.
  • To explore meaningful partnership with national international stake bearing agencies for promotion, employment and human resources development.
  • To promote hospitality and gastronomy entrepreneurship.


  • Orientation program for hospitality / culinary professionals.
  • Workshop seminar and interactions.
  • Courses on diverse discipline of culinary management and operation currently different courses running and soon organizing Diploma program affilation from different international colleges.
  • Cooking skill test for different embassies.
  • Sort term mobile training.
  • Consultation for the new opening and running hotel and restaurant.
  • Blood donation program as social program and participation in different national and international program seminar.
  • Human resource support for hotels/ tourism and hospitality schools and colleges.
  • Nepal Chefs Association Foundation / Nepal Culinary Academy.
    This is the sister concern company of Chefs Association of Nepal that is established in the year 2016 for specially for the academic program in chefs association of Nepal building through its Nepal culinary Academy in an international standard physical facilities which is proposed technical support of World Association of Chefs Societies (WACS)

News & Updates

New Intake For Diploma Class (Chaitra 1, 2074) Thursday, February 22, 2018 3:57 AM
     We are registering new applicants who wish to take 6 months DIPLOMA class for cooking and culinary art from veteran chefs of five star hotels in kathmandu. Class Starts From Chaitra 1 Visit Our Office at Ranibari for More Details.
INTERNATIONAL CULINARY WORKSHOP BY Chef Dr.Rick Stephan Friday, February 2, 2018 4:16 AM
     The World renowned Chef, Dr.Rick Stefan has decided to visit Nepal at the invitation of the Chefs Association of Nepal. Dr. Stephen will be sharing his latest knowledge of global culinary trends, cost management with live demos on plating, garnishing and presentation, and other topics.
One year Culinary Diploma affilation from different international institutions. Thursday, February 23, 2017 12:23 PM
     6 months diploma in cooking day and morning 1 month In-service program – Who is working in the hotels and Restaurnats.


Long term program

One year Culinary Diploma affilation from different international institutions.

Running program

6 months diploma in cooking day and morning
1 month In-service program – Who is working in the hotels and Restaurnats.


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Chefs Association of Nepal (CAN)
P.0.Box: 13837, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel.: 977-01-4384914